Thursday, August 11, 2011

Tooth #2

When I picked Hope up from the summer program this afternoon, she gave me a BIG grin.  She had lost her 2nd tooth.  She was very excited and they had it saved in a little baggie for her.  This time we won't have to leave a note for the tooth fairy because her first tooth was lost out on the playground (in the snow) when it fell out.  So tonight, the fairy will be flying in.  Good thing she brushed her teeth this morning good to get all the sugar bugs out!

I have a feeling I am going to have a great Christmas photo this year.  The tooth next to it is also really loose, so maybe all she will want for Christmas is her two front teeth.  :)

Here is another layout I did a while ago.  It is of her dance picture from a year ago.

It is a real simple layout. using MME paper and banner, a Prima flower, a chipboard crown from Maya Road and Glitter from Stampin Up.

Today was the first day of the State Fair!  I have tickets to go to the Jason Aldean concert tomorrow night! Can't wait.  It is sold out and going to be a great show.  Keep your fingers crossed that it doesn't storm and cancel the show.  I have gone in the rain before, and they still play as long as there isn't lightening (it is an outdoor show).  Here's to a good time with my sister and best friend!


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