Saturday, January 30, 2016

Taylor Bean's birthday, etc.

Our fluffy puppy had a birthday on January 18th.  She is so much fun, but even at 2 she still has a lot of puppy left in her.  We got her two treats at a local pet shop and a few new toys.

All the 5th grade sections from Hope's school got to sing the Star Spangled Banner for a HS basketball game this week.  We stayed and watched the girls game.  It was a lot of fun watching, especially since they were way ahead the entire game.  Definitely not anything I was used to when I played BB.  LOL!  Hope didn't even believe me when I told her I used to play basketball, volleyball, softball and ran track.  

Hope is in the front row in the color/leopard print dress.

I have started back on my diet again and it is going pretty good.  Two weeks and I am down 5 lbs and 8.25 inches.  I was surprised when one night I fixed ham steak and green beans and Hope voluntarily ate what I fixed.  There is hope yet!  Of course she had to have her lemonade in a wine glass for some reason.  Silly girl!

Hope spent her Christmas money on a skate board and helmet.  She is anxious for the weather to warm up so she can really start using it.  Sounds like this week isn't going to be that week.  Sounds like it is going to snow again, but so far sounds like we might miss out on the deep snow.  We will see.  I could go for a good snow day.

Well, in honor of Taylor's are some Birthday themed cards!

I always have more to share, so until next time...


Sunday, January 17, 2016

Happy 11th Birthday Hope!

Ok, so I am a little late in sharing her birthday celebration, but better late than never.  I still have Christmas stuff to still share too, but that will be for another post.

I have no clue where the last 11 years have gone, but it sure has been an adventure being Hope's mom.   She was SUPER excited to get up and open her gifts on her birthday, so as you can see in the photo, she got us up at 5:15 am!

So Joe did most of the wrapping of her gifts and...well, it took her a long time to get through all the different layers.  We have a few things in a bag (that I actually found that were supposed to be Christmas gifts) so Joe wrapped them in saran wrap, aluminum foil...

..and grocery sacks!

Then in the large box, he wrapped up several smaller boxes.  Some of them were filled with various items around the house (for weight) and some were just empty.  LOL!  She was not amused!
  Honestly, I was so tired...I wasn't either.  LOL!

After several boxes inside boxes...

She finally got to THE Amazon tablet.  Needless to say, she loved it!

The day before she helped me make her birthday cake.  She wanted a layer cake, so I bought two tiny butterfly pans and then the rest we made cupcakes with.  We even found a great recipe on line for chocolate buttercream frosting.  It was AWESOME!!!

On the night of her birthday she invited a friend over for cake and pizza.

Then on Sunday we met the twins at Ohana's for a joint birthday celebration!

 And of course while Grandmas was here over the weekend, we played a LOT of games...SkipBo and Triominos.

Since this is ALL about are a few scrapbook layouts of birthdays past that I finally got done.  And then some fun birthday cards as well!

This is the card I made for Hope this year!  Bright and cheery just like her (most of the time)!  LOL!

Below is the layout I created with photos from her 9th birthday party where we had a photo booth and costumes for the girls to have fun!  It was a LOT of fun!

Last year, since 10 was a BIG deal, we got a hotel room at a local hotel and had a pool party.

She declared us the BEST parents EVER!

Hope you stayed warm out there today.  I actually stayed in ALL day and did a little scrapbooking!

Make it a great week and I will be back eventually!  LOL!


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