Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Reilly Speaks

Hope was FULL of it today.  Lot's to share!

She threw a fit this morning and didn't want to put on her swimsuit for pool day at summer program.  And she didn't want to take one with her, because it was cold last week.  Mind you, today, it was the PERFECT day to go to the pool.  Too bad for Hope, because she had to go to the pool in her clothes and sit there and watch everyone else swim.  That was a tough lesson to learn.  We will see how next Tuesday goes.  :)

Then this morning, Joe got a call from the head teacher and Hope had punched a boy in her class.  Good grief!  Yesterday, she got in trouble for pushing a boy and had to write a note to us letting us know what happened.

Well, at least today ended with a funny story.  :)

We just had a quick meal tonight, so she got ABC's & 123's with meatballs.  While she was eating, she suddenly got up and got a new spoon.  I asked her why.  She smiled and said, well, I gave Reilly a taste of a "C" to see if it would go to his brain and make him talk.  Ok, for those of you that don't know, Reilly is our dog.  She got the idea from the show Martha Speaks.  The show is about a dog that can talk because when she ate a bowl of alphabet soup it went to her brain and then she could talk.  So we spent the evening encouraging Reilly to make a "C" sound.  She said, maybe I should have given him a "D" for dog.  :)  Love it!

Alright, here is another Halloween card.

The date was actually left over wall rub on.  I put it on a transparency and put it on my card.  To cover up the transparency line, I added a line of glitter glue.  It also added a nice detail.

Have a good night!


Monday, June 27, 2011

Big Country Bash 2011

We had a blast yesterday at the concert.  All the acts were great.  Here is a glimpse of our fun yesterday...

The first several acts included a local Jason Brown, The JaneDeer Girls, JB and the Moonshine Band, and Steele Magnolia...

Below is Josh Thompson.

Here are me and my friends/sister at the bash.  

As you can see, the clouds were starting to form earlier in the day.  Below we were trying to stay dry during one of the downpours.

This was Colt Ford during his set.

We made friends while standing in line to get corn dogs.  They had a deal of five corndogs for $20 or you could buy them separately for $6 each.  

Here is am with Eddie Hatfield from the morning show on 92.5 radio station.  We both work out at Farrell's.

Here we are again, trying to stay dry when the next shower came through.  This one was more of a downpour, so we covered up completely with the tarp.  :)

When Dierks Bentley came on stage, we worked our way to the front stage.  It was awesome.  I even got a guitar pick from him.

Trace Adkins finished off the concert.  When he started his act, I got a text from Joe.  He was on his way to get us because there was a BIG storm coming.  He only got 4 songs done and they made him stop and said we had 10 minutes before the storm hit.  

We packed up everything and headed to where Joe said he was waiting for us.  So along with thousands of other concert fans we trudged through the mud.  When we got to the van, it was stuck in the mud.  So some strong guys helped push us out and then we gave them a ride to their car.  We picked up a few others along the way.  Just after we let them off at the cars, it cut loose.  The hail started falling and the wind picked up and the rain was coming down in sheets.  By the time we got home, the storm had mostly passed.  I am so glad that we had Joe drop us off and come get us, because we would have been stuck in the mud/parking lot for hours.  We LOVE you Joe!

Alright, I got out my Halloween scraps a while back and made some cards.  Here is one of them...

I have a few more Halloween cards I will share over the next few days.  Then I am going to share a bunch of cards to celebrate Christmas in July.

Check back again soon!


Friday, June 24, 2011

First Rollercoaster Ride!!!

The summer program Hope is in this summer went to Adventureland (a local amusement park) yesterday.  She was all excited to go.  When I picked her up yesterday her teacher told me she had an upset stomach on the bus ride home.  Then I asked Hope if she had fun at the park.  She said "no".  WHAT????

Then she starts telling me about the day.  The first ride her group went to was The Tornado rollercoaster.  This is the SAME rollercoaster I rode for the first time many years ago.  The teacher asked her if she wanted to try and ride it.  She said yes (which I can't believe that she even considered it).  She was just barely tall enough.   She got buckled in, the bar came down and off they went.  She was telling me it was fun until they went down the first big hill... (updated to add these pictures from the park website of the Tornado).

I couldn't help but giggle just a little at her description of the ride.  She said she didn't ride any other rides the rest of the day.  But then later in the evening she did start to tell us about other rides she was on.  She rode the log ride.  They put her in the front, so she said she got really wet!  :)  She also rode the frog hopper, which is like a kid version of the space shot that is on a big pole and shoots you up really fast and then bobs a few times and comes down.  It tickles your tummy and is pretty fun.

Anyway, I think over all she had fun, but I don't think I will be getting her on any rollercoaster rides anytime soon.  Bummer.  I love rollercoasters.

We had a busy night last night too.  My office went to an Iowa Cubs baseball game.  They WON!  It was a lot of fun and we even stayed late for the fireworks.  So Hope and I slept in a bit this morning since we got home late.

Luckily at school they are having a pretty low key day.  They are going to see the movie Cars 2.  She likes the first one, so she was excited about that.

Ok, enough rambling from me.  I have some cards I made a while back that I will share.

I love the bright colors of both of these cards.  The papers were from Fancy Pants and it was actually a winter/snowman line.

Well, I have the day off today from work, so I am going to get to work on a project I am making for The Scrappy Gourmet.  I will share more when I have it completed.


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

5:55 pm

I was driving to work this morning and the radio jockeys were talking about a study that had recently been done.  What it discovered was that for mother's, the most stressful time of the day is 5:55 pm.  I kind of laughed and agreed that is one of many times of the day that can be stressful to me.  :)

Anyway, fast forward through the day.  Hope and I get home and I am thinking about what to fix for supper and for treat day tomorrow.  Suddenly, Hope starts saying "mom" over and over and over again.  "look at the microwave, mom"!  "LOOK!"  And guess what time it was...5:55 pm.  Of course I was juggling several "mom" balls at the time...cooking...cleaning the kitchen...unpacking the lunch bags, etc.  I just had to laugh at the irony of the time she was so excited to see.  Even more ironic was that she wasn't even in the van with me when I heard about the study.

Anyway, it is late so I am heading off to bed.

Here is the retirement card I made for my mother-in-law.  She received the card this weekend.

Good night!


Monday, June 20, 2011

Crazy week!

Not sure how much I will get back here this week, but thought I would stop by for a quick post.

Went swimming at the Y tonight and thinking about joining this fall when my membership runs out at my current place I work out.  That way the entire family can take advantage and not just me for the same price.  We will see.  I will be hard to leave FXB and I will have to motivate myself to workout instead of in a class situation.

Anyway, will share a card quickly before the next round of storms hits here shortly.  Could be a LONG night of thunderstorms, but hopefully it won't get too severe.

This card is similar to the other card I already shared, but with a different sentiment  and slightly different papers.

Well, that is it for tonight!  Have a good one and hopefully you are staying dry where you are!


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sugar & Spice...

That is what Hope is made of.  She is sometimes full of sugar and other times full of spice and ornery and naughty...everything all wrapped into one!  I love her to pieces, but sometimes she just sends me over the edge.

Well, I am getting ready to head to bed, so making this quick.

Here is another baby card for one of my co-workers.

Calling it a night!


Monday, June 13, 2011

She's got it Rough!

We had a great weekend down on the farm and we celebrated the baptism of my great-nephew, Kenton.  He is such a cutie and I will share photos once I have them off the camera.

Anyway, my post title is talking about Hope.  I was feeling sorry for her this morning because it was chilly out and she started swim lessons.  I was having flashbacks of when I was a kid.  I hated going to swim lessons when it was cold, and it seemed like EVERY year it was cold.  I would get out of the pool just shivering.  I thought they were at the city aquatic center, but they are actually in the indoor pool at the YMCA.  Wow, she has it rough!

The summer program she is in is actually taking care of getting her to and from swimming lessons.  She is having a lot of fun.  They go on small field trips almost every day.  Today they went to a playground place and tomorrow she gets to go bowling.  Fun stuff.  Almost makes me wish I could go have fun too!  :)

Anyway, here are the gift bags I created for the baby memory books I made for gifts.

Well, that is all for tonight!

Have a good one!


Thursday, June 9, 2011

Baby (Girl) Memories Gift album

Well Hope started Kids West yesterday and had a pretty good day and today went even better.  So she earned a Happy Meal from McD's.  Yeah, I didn't have to cook.  :)

Yesterday, she told me she got "scolded" for getting mud on her leg.  That was actually how she said it "scolded", which sounds so grown up.  So I asked her if they got mad at her or what did they say?  She said they just said not to do it again.  Like that is going to work!  The kid loves to get dirty!  It was just funny that she described it as being "scolded".  She is 6 going on 16 sometimes.

Anyway, I delivered/mailed lots of packages today.  One for publication and another baby gift on it's way to El Salvador.  I delivered the other Baby Boy gift album today to Jen at work.  It was a big hit.  I have the girl one there too when Nicole comes in with her new baby.  So here is that album...

I love all the colors in this album and I used butterflies and flowers throughout.

Well, that is it for tonight.  Have a good one.


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sick day!

We have been passing a cold around the office and I guess it was finally my turn.

It actually hit me on Saturday morning, but it got me down today.  I got up this morning and felt terrible, but Joe and Hope were going to be home all day, so I figured it wouldn't do me much good to be home anyway.

Well I made it to 10:30 at work and left for the day.  I came home and crawled into bed and slept for several hours.  I got up and just sat outside on a lounge chair reading while Hope played in a small pool in the backyard.

And she even convinced Reilly he needed a bath.  The things that dog does for her.  He was probably hot, so maybe it felt good to get in the pool with her.  :)

Anyway, keeping it short tonight.

Here is another baby card I made for one of the gals at work.

I will share the baby girl gift albums in the next few days when I get the chance and am feeling better.



Sunday, June 5, 2011


...the new and even sassier "looking" HOPE!

Since she cut her bangs the other day, we had to go get them evened out and we decided to cut it short for the summer.  It looks really cute and makes her look even sassier than she did before, if that was even possible.  :)

I haven't done much of anything today since I caught a cold.  After we got home from the haircut she watched a movie and took care of mommy while I took a nap.  Joe even cooked supper for us too.  

I shared the second boy album, so here is the coordinating gift bag I will give the my friend at work.

And here is the card...

Well, I am going to go out and enjoy a little bit of the outside weather this evening.  Take care!


Saturday, June 4, 2011

Baby Boy Gift Album...

A few of my friends at work have had babies recently (& one expecting in August).  So far it is tied up with one boy and one girl.  The one in August is supposed to be a girl.  So I have created some gift albums for them to keep baby memories.

I love the new Fancy Pants Brag books.  They are perfect for non-scrapbookers because they can add a few pictures in the sleeve pages and journal on the other pages of special memories, etc.  And there are pocket pages too.

Here is another boy version (I already showed one of these that is being shipped to a friend):

The front cover is a little different.  I added buttons instead of the stars and used die cut letters for "baby" and Rub On letters for "memories".

I found some old Making Memories white baby themed rub ons to use on the brown pocket pages.  I guess I finally found the perfect project to use them on.  :)

I used My Minds Eye papers and a few Kaiser Craft baby themed rub ons.

This is the back cover.  The outside back cover was also covered in the same green from the front cover.

Check back for a girl version of this album I will be sharing and matching cards to go with each gift.

Have a good weekend.


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