Saturday, August 6, 2011

Plum tired!

Since I am finishing up with the So Sofie cards today, thought I would play on the colors involved.  I am tired.  I stayed up late at a scrapbook crop at my church and then got up early to go back and finish up this afternoon.  I could really use a nap, but will have to settle for an early bedtime (I hope).

I got a lot done at the crop and will be sharing them soon.  I got 15 cards and several layouts completed, which included the July and August P12 sketches.

Here are today's cards.  These were both based on the same card idea, just one is turned vertical and the other horizontal.  I think these turned out to be my favorite cards, probably because they were made with some of my favorite color combinations.

Well, that is it for tonight.  Check back again for more projects.


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