Saturday, August 20, 2011

A Day at the Lake!

Our friends invited us over for the day at their lake house.  It was a great day for it!

Joe and Steve took the jet skis out and later Joe came back to take me for a ride.

Hope decided she didn't want to take a ride.  She was too busy playing in the sand on their beach.

The other kids decided to go swimming, so Hope and I joined them out in the deeper water by their beach.

She was have fun jumping off the dock, but was too chicken to climb up the ladder because of spiders.  So I had to pull her up out of the water each time so she could jump right back in.

Later we took the pontoon boat out for a ride.  We stopped by the dam and jumped in for another swim.

Too bad the battery died on the boat when he turned the motor off.  So we had to flag down some other boaters to give us a tow back to the dock.

Hope and Ben took a couple of laps around the lake neighborhood in the golf cart.  I am pretty sure that Hope was giggling the entire time.

Her smile cracks me up right now with her two front teeth missing.  So stinkin cute!!!!

I don't think I have shared this card yet.  This is one that I entered in the State Fair.  It didn't win a ribbon, but I still like it.  :)

Well, Hope and I will be busy on some errands that I wasn't feeling up to on Friday.  She needs a haircut and a few new outfits to start the school year off right.  Then hopefully I will get some scrapbooking time in.  I did finish up a layout this morning before we left for the lake, while we were waiting for our new Direct TV to be installed.  I am excited that we got the DVR that you can pause in one room and start it in another room!  This is going to be awesome when some of my favorite shows come back on in the Fall (although they are getting few and far between after several of my favorites were canceled).

Well, that is all for tonight!  Hope you had a great day!


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