Thursday, September 29, 2016

Throw back Thursday

Growing up, my Grandma and Grandpa Palmer had bobble head dogs in the back window of their car. When they died, one of the things all of us cousins wanted to make sure someone got was those dogs.  LOL!  I think my cousin Kim has them.  Oh the memories...

So I couldn't help but snap a photo of this car while driving around town one day.  I think only one of them is a bobble head, but it still made me smile and think of Grandma and Grandpa.  :)

And while shopping at the Mall of America, we got to sample a few brandies.  This one needed to come home with me.  So for now (until it cooler) it is staying sealed, but once it starts getting cold I am sure I will be taking a nip or two to warm me up.

The reason this is in my TBT post is because the brandy also reminded me of my Grandpa Palmer.  He used to keep a bottle of blackberry brandy in the basement.  Just another connection with the past and every time I take a sip I will be thinking of him.  :)

And did anyone else have these cups growing up?  Saw these beauties at a vintage show recently.  $23...Really?

While we are throwing back the memories, here are (definitely) some of the last updates from the end of summer for Hope.

Our neighbor Peggy arranged for Hope (and her friend Anna) to come down to Hope's favorite local radio station...Star 102.5... and meet Kurt and Colleen (Big Ken was on vacation).

They got shirts and got to ask them all kinds of questions.

And my friend Kristi and her dog Gemma came to visit this summer too.  Hope thought it would be fun to dress Gemma in her pajamas.  LOL!  I don't think Gemma was impressed.

And, a new outfit would not be complete without pretty pink nail polish.  I just about died when Hope brought her out of her room with all four paws painted.  Oh my...and somehow managed not to get polish on the floor.  Whew!

And with this post...I think I am finally caught back up.  I hope to not get so far behind for a while, but we all know LIFE happens.

And before I start making Christmas cards for this year...I should probably keep sharing some I made last here you go!

Until next time!


Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL!

Ok, I am not a super fan of any particular football team, but I enjoy going to games.  At the last minute Joe was able to get 4 tickets to the Vikings Pre-Season opener.

It was their first game in the new stadium.   It was pretty cool!

When we found out we had an extra ticket I knew just who to friend Kristi, since she is a Vikings fan!!!

She even found a fellow "super" fan...LOL!

We went up a day early so we could get some shopping in too.  I finally got to shop at IKEA!!!  

I picked up this little gem for my scrapbook room, but honestly could have bought a LOT more stuff! 

Luckily, Kristi and I are planning a return trip in November to do some Christmas shopping.

Hope also enjoyed her first trip to the Mall of America.  We bought tickets so she could ride a few rides and then we did some shopping.

And speaking of firsts...I did my first shot of tequila!  I know, right?  I am sure most of you are thinking, sure your first shot EVER or just for the day?  LOL!  Ever!  

It was a great weekend and a great (early) birthday celebration for Kristi!

So in honor of her birthday (Sept. 20th), here are some cards...



Tuesday, September 27, 2016

State Fair Memories

Well, I didn't quite get this post in before the last day of Summer, but never the less...

Hope and I (and Hope's friend Caitlyn) went to the State Fair one day and did all kinds of fun stuff!  We had the fun pass from Hy-Vee, so we had a lot of free ride tickets to do things we don't normally spend money to do.

The kids went on a camel ride...I gave my ticket to a co-worker that we happen to run into that morning.  Glad it could be put to good use.

Hope wanted to jump again this year.  This has become a Fair favorite for her.

Hope doing flips...

Both girls jumping...

And of course the petting zoo was nearby too...

Hope loves her animals.  This guy (or gal) was nice enough to enjoy a hug from her.  LOL!

A few more rides...

...face painting and Henna tattoos (another first after she saw it on the State Fair show the night before).

And my favorite (& first, but not last for me) grape stomping!  It was awesome, but next time I actually want to stomp.  :)

We were on a team with a foreign exchange student that had just days before arrived in Iowa and was given several assignments to check out at the Fair.  I think, if I remember right, she was from Kyrgyzstan (or something like that).  She was really nice.  I hope she enjoys her stay in Iowa.

Of course a trip to the Fair wouldn't be complete without going down the BIG SLIDE!!!!

So, I think that wraps up Most of this summer's adventures and memories.

As usual, here are a few layouts and cards to share...capturing previous memories!  Enjoy!

And a tip on the background paper I used for the above layout.  I really wanted to use the bright pink because it matched the pattern papers, but I had already cut out a chunk from the 12x12 paper.  So I designed a layout that would use paper to cover that area and you would never know it (unless I am sharing it as a tip with you).  ;)

I hope it is about time for Brad Paisley to tour close to me again.  I just love his music.  My sister Dawn and I went to this concert together in Cedar Rapids.  Had a blast (even though I was on my diet and couldn't drink any beer).  LOL!

I love this picture below, so I had to create a special layout for it.

 Keeping it short tonight.  Have a good one!


Sunday, September 25, 2016

Bible Journaling

So recently I have discovered Bible Journaling and thought this might be a fun way to continue and strengthen my Faith journey.  I looked for ideas on Pinterest (and there are a LOT of them out there) and bought a few know, because I didn't have enough craft supplies already.

And...pinned more and more ideas, but the thought of starting was very intimidating.  Well, I finally found my motivation one day.  A co-worker's grand-daughter was having a 13 hour surgery to remove a tumor from her abdomen, so when I got home from work I found a verse and prayed for her while I worked on my creation.

It was a beautiful I gathered all my supplies and moved my creativity outside.

I did end up using a lot of my scrapbook supplies, but also picked up some basic crayons and colored pencils too.

As you can see, I did purchase a special Bible that is intended for note taking, etc.

This page I used rub on letters for most of the title and the butterfly was a stamp that I colored in with colored pencils.

Now that I actually got started I am looking forward to making entries every so often.

And just an update...the surgery went good and she is still taking chemo and has a stem cell transplant next month, so the prayers for her will continue.  She is a fighter...

I have another friend that was recently diagnosed with breast cancer.  I love you Alma and will be praying for you and your family.

Let's just say CANCER SUCKS!!!!!

No One Fights ALONE!!!


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