Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Are you feeling dizzy?

Hope was in rare form last night.  Full of funny stuff!

It was such a beautiful night that we decided to sit out on the back deck and just enjoy it for a bit before bedtime.  After a while, she grabbed my phone and started playing some of her games on there.  Just before we went inside, she asked me "Are you feeling dizzy?".  I wasn't really at the time since I was sitting down, so I said no.  Then she said she was controlling the world with my phone.  She pulled up a solar system app on my phone and had the world up on the screen.  She was making it spin and spin and get the picture.  Anyway, so I played along as we went inside and asked daddy if he was feeling dizzy.  How about you?  Feeling Dizzy?  :)

Then after they had gone up to bed, I heard her come down again.  So, she hollers at me, "mom, dad needs to talk to you?".  About what?  It was about something on Friday.  As he was responding back to the person on FB Hope and I were having a talk.  She was sitting on my lap and the topic of "boobies" came up.  She started poking at mine and I asked her to stop and then said, "Did you know that someday you will have boobies too?".  Not sure where that came from, but I guess I was getting at something there.  It turned in a funny direction.

Hope responds with "I will?!?!?!?"
Hope:  Do daddy's have boobies?

Here is where we started laughing.

So cleverly, I respond that boys have peck muscles instead of boobies.  Then went on further to say the muscle is actually called a pectoral muscles and that girls have them too.  They are just hidden under our "boobies".

Then we all got the giggles, and she thought all of that was just hilarious.  Who knows why?

Sorry if this is TMI for anyone, but I thought it was funny enough to share here.  :)

Ok, here is another layout I completed this weekend.

This was the Santa picture from 2009.  The only way we could get  Annie close to see Santa was if we all went up together, including Grandma Deloris.  Then she decided he wasn't so scary (she is the one on the far right).

I also got 15 cards from the scraps.  This was a Bo Bunny line from a few years ago and some Pink Paislee chipboard letter/shapes.  Pretty easy to put together.

Well after a couple of games of War and SlapJack, it is time to get Hope to bed.

Have a good one.  I will share the cards with you soon, so check back.


P.S. Happy Birthday to my sister Debbie!

Isn't she cute!

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