Friday, March 11, 2016

Flashback Friday...

I missed Throw back Thursday, so I thought I would do a Flashback Friday post...

So the first picture is ME, in the cabinet in my mom's kitchen (where the dishwasher currently resides).  I loved to play and hang out in the cabinet, so she finally gave in and emptied out the cabinet so I could just play in it.  Thanks mom!

Flash forward to MANY years into the future and here is Hope hanging out in our kitchen island.  She was helping me clean and organize our kitchen cabinets and one night I was too tired to finish.  SO...she thought it would be fun to use it as a hang out area for herself.  

What a blast from the past...

She may not be biologically mine, but the apple does NOT fall far from the tree!  :)  Crazy how that works out sometimes!!!

Here is another Flashback Friday moment...I recently saw this image in a Facebook post and I couldn't help myself to share a TBT or Flashback Friday post about a lamb cake.  

Growing up... EVER YEAR I wanted a lamb cake for my birthday.  Ironically, it turned out VERY much like the image above, but it was always made with love by my MOM!

So here are the REAL results... in the 70's!  

Age 2

Age 3!

Age 4!  (Ok, even this one creeps me out a little, just the cake...of course I am cute!!!)  LOL!

Alright...enough Pinterest inspired are some cards to share with you that celebrates all things BIRTHDAY!!!

This was a custom card I created...If you EVER have a specific idea for a card please let me know.

As I mentioned above...I have been thinking about selling my card creations on here (or in another venue).  If you see a card you are interested in buying or just want some cards to have on hand...please let me know.  I love to create them just for your specific needs.

Until next time...


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