Thursday, August 4, 2011

It is finally complete!

We finally got all the right parts to Hope's art cabinets.  If you remember, I said we went a little over the top, but it will all be put to good use.  So here it is...

When they originally came, all the cabinets were the open cubbies.  We had ordered it this way.  So they left the open ones and replaced them when the correct ones came in.  She got home today and when she saw it, she started jumping up and down screaming.  I think she liked it.  :)

Of course, the delivery wasn't without incident.  They brought the boxes in and started putting it together.  One of the boxes fell over and knocked over one of my lamps in my scrapbook area.  And of course it broke.  It still works for now and they were going to go buy me a new one.

Maybe when they come back I will point out that they put the doors on upside down.  Good grief!  Pay attention to details!

So that drama continues for now...

Anyway, the girls are here now and they are putting it to good use.

Hope wanted her bangs braided.  :)

Hope was at Grandma D's for the past few days with the twins.  They went to the County Fair and saw the animals and went swimming at the local pool to cool off one afternoon.  To get from town out to the farm where mom lives, you have to drive past the cemetery where dad (Papa D) is buried.  They girls always want to stop and "see" him.  Mom was listening to the girls talk.  The twins said they missed papa and Hope said "I don't remember him, but I miss him too".  Oh, break my heart.  Usually mom just drives past the grave, but this time they wanted to get out and send papa a message.  So they gave the gravestone a BIG group hug and then blew kisses into the sky like sending papa an email.  I hope he knows how to open it when it gets there.  :)

Alright, now on to some scrappy stuff.

I showed you a few days ago the two layouts I made from the So Sofie line from My Minds Eye.  Well, here are two cards I made from the scraps of those layouts.

Alright, that is enough for now.  I get to go to a scrapbook crop all day tomorrow and part of Saturday.  So I hope to get a lot done.  It is at a new church we have been going to the past few months so I am hoping to meet some other ladies there that enjoy the same hobby as I do.

Everyone have a great weekend!


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