Thursday, August 28, 2014

Family photos

We had some wonderful family photos taken and I have narrowed it down to the following top 10.  Luckily, we have many more we can print off too, just too many to share here.

Before I get started sharing, I do want to credit our photographer...Annie Shelton, with Polka Dot Photography.  Click HERE to see her website and book a session today.  :)

Ok, now onto the photos...

You actually get a disk of a LOT of photos, most of them have been edited by Annie.  This picture originally had Joe in it too, but I like the focus of Hope and I being silly.

When we came to this blue door and she wanted to do photos here, I couldn't wait to see what the shots looked like.  I love this close up one of Hope and the color of the door brings out the color in her eyes.  BEAUTIFUL!

We have this one in color too, but I think her expression is more suited to the black and white version.

Grandma came with us to the shoot since she was in town, so she took a few photos of Hope with her.

This is my favorite one if just Joe and I.  :)  

And then things took a turn for the goofy side!  LOL!  We re-enacted one of the poses of our wedding pictures.  Hehehe!

And this one, well there are no words! LOL!  Keep on making me laugh...for many years to come!

Love you honey!

Now onto what we have been up to...

Hope has started back up with dance and added back in gymnastics again.  Her gymnastics class isn't until 6 pm, so we stop to get a Subway for supper before class.  She was looking pretty cute with her new hat and leotard the other night!

She dressed up Taylor in her pajamas and socks.  LOL!

We have all completed the bucket challenge.

We went to a preseason football game in KC.

Ate at Fritz's, which is a train themed restaurant.  They have a train rail system that delivers your food to the table.  You can see it at the very top right corner of the photo coming out of the wall.

Tailgating was HOT!

Wow, that about catches us up again.  So now to the crafty honor of my friend Stacy Sablan's wedding anniversary (10 years) here are some cards to celebrate that occasion. 

I love doubled sided papers, but sometimes you get one that you only like one side.  Well, the pattern paper with the glitter swirly circles and flowers was one that I didn't think I liked and when I created a layout using this paper line I didn't use it.  Well, I guess I was saving it for cards, because when it is used in smaller quantity I loved the paper.  Funny how that works.

Alright, that wraps things up for this time.  Until next time...


Thursday, August 14, 2014

Summer's End

Somehow I let an entire month go by without finding the time to blog.  So you get the short version on the past 30 some days...Here we go!

Adventureland with the Deen family (our VERY cool neighbors).  LOL!

Yep, that is the Met Life Snoopy blimp flying over that day.  Cool!

The very last ride of the day.  Hope snuck around and got in line again before Joe and I even noticed since she didn't get the horse she wanted the first time.  :)

This is us (Hope, Madi, Damon and me) on the Tornado roller coaster.  And yes, Joe actually got a picture of us on it.  We are in the 6th and 7th set of seats.

This was Hope's favorite ride.  She rode it four times.

We had a cabana that day and we finally let the girls go around the lazy river on their own.

Next up...Rock!  

Joe worked on some landscaping around our house.  Hope and the neighbor kid Will got a start on it the first day it was delivered.

Hope even helped out too.

...and her reward was a ride in the cart back up the hill.

Other fun stuff...

Madi and Hope gave each other mani-pedi's on the back deck one afternoon.

Hope spent a few days at my mom's house and ended up bringing my "little George" home.  She has been sleeping with him ever since just like I did when I was a kid.  Sweet!

And then there was the day Hope and Madi dressed up Taylor.  I cracked up when I got home from work and saw these pictures.  She was NOT amused!  Hehehehe!

Taylor also did more camping too in the doll camper.  :)

And a princess!

That chair must have been REALLY comfy for her to sit there and let them put all those things on her.  What a cool dog she is growing up to be.

We had family photos taken too.  These are the few sneak peeks she posted for us to see.  I can't wait to see the rest of them, which should be any day now.  Yeah!

And that bring us to yesterday...THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!

Our bus gang shrunk A LOT over the summer (in numbers).  Aren't they CUTE!!!!!

Griffin (kindergarten), brother Blake-1st grade and Hope-4th Grade.

School bus fist bump!!!

And the bus was late, but it finally arrived!

Well, if you made it this far, pat yourself on the back.  Maybe I should pat myself on the back for not boring you too much!  LOL!

Now that we are back on a schedule again, maybe I will do better about blogging.

So here are a few recent layouts I created.

That's all folks!  Until next time...


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