Thursday, November 6, 2014

Halloween update and beyond...

Well since Halloween our computer crashed and we are finally back halfway working again.  We restored a lot of stuff from our external drive and still trying to clean out a lot of stuff we don't need.  No need to worry, no pictures were lost!  :)

So onto a Halloween update...

We carved our pumpkin the night before trick or treat night.  She found a kitty face pattern on the internet, so that is what we went with.

We poked a glow stick through it to light it up.

Hope dressed up as the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland and Taylor was a minion from the Despicable Me movies.

And of course, when Hope got home she took inventory of all the candy she got.  She came home with 255 pieces of candy.  Good grief!  We have limited it to 3-4 pieces a day, so we have plenty of stock for a while.  LOL!

It was a great Halloween and we were lucky the weather held out and it wasn't too cold.

Harvest time always makes me think of dad and in our new neighborhood I drive past a lot of fields where the crops are being harvested.  I love seeing the combines and tractors working.  I remember many memories of harvest time growing up.  Taking meals out to the fields, etc.  I even had to stop along the side of the road to take this picture.

This was a very familiar childhood scene.  Miss you dad! 

Well, now that the weather is getting cooler, Hope has already started talking about snow and Christmas.  Her list from Santa is a MILE long.  Oh my!  I am actually hoping that this is the YEAR (if you know what I mean) where the meaning of believing changes.  :)  We will see.

Actually right now she is watching videos on you-tube about domino "tricks" (not sure what it is technically called-where you line up dominos and then push them over to cause a chain reaction).  She has now added the request for 500,000 dominos so she can work toward breaking the world record.  WOW!  Talk about ambitious goals.  LOL!  So if anyone has any dominos they would like to part with let me know.  It does seem like something she would like to get into, but maybe on a smaller scale to make it realistic (for now).

Well, speaking of Christmas, the December issue of Paper Crafts and Scrapbooking recently came out and I have 4 cards in this issue.  The call was for a set of 4 cards using just a 6x6 paper pad and one stamp set and minimal other embellishments.  I can only show one card here, but you can check out the issue HERE, if you have a subscription.  It is on pages 46-47.  Stay tuned because I have cards coming in the February issue, March issue, May issue, which are all digital magazines and then a special print issue later this year.

This was my favorite one out of the four cards...

I used the Pink Paislee Winter Village 6x6 paper pad and a Christmas stamp set from Stampin Up.  For this card, all I added was a few random sequins and a twine bow to the deer, which was part of the pattern paper collage.  Super easy.

I don't want to skip completely over November and Thanksgiving, so I will share a few cards to show my gratitude for you visiting my blog. 

Have a great night!  Hopefully Joe will be able to get the computer going at full power again and it won't be so long between posts.  Later!


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