Thursday, August 25, 2011


Ok, I think I mentioned this a while back, but on our last day of our vacation in Chicago this summer, we were watching the movie Farris Bueller's Day Off.  Hope watched the whole movie with us and actually thought it was pretty good.  Of course, we did talk about how it wasn't right of him to skip school when he really wasn't sick, etc.

So since we saw the movie, when she doesn't answer me right away when I ask her a question I start saying Bueller...Bueller...Bueller in the Ben Stein drawling voice from the movie.  She thinks it is funny, so now she does it on purpose sometimes just to get me to say it.  That was the case yesterday when I picked her up from the after school program.  I asked how the first day of school was and all I got was silence.  I asked again and she finally said she wasn't going to tell me until I made her laugh, so then the Bueller's started coming.  Then she giggled and finally started to tell me about her day.

The kid is funny, what can I say.  Who knows how long this will continue.  :)

Went down to the corner to see her get off the bus, so I would know she got across the street safely.  She did just as she was supposed to do and waited for the driver to waive her across.  So I told her on Monday I will let her walk home on her own.  Nothing exciting reported so far, so we will see if she decides to remember anything later on.  :)

Well, here are a few more of the cards from my Authentique Paper scraps.  Enjoy!

I am off tomorrow and going to be doing some serious creating.  I had some VERY creative MOJO going on last night with lots of ideas I jotted down.  So starting tonight I am going to start to put those ideas into action.  Wish me luck on the continued MOJO for tonight and tomorrow!


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