Friday, March 27, 2015

National JOE day!

Happy National Joe day to my husband Joe (and all the other Joe's out there in the world).  LOL!  I bet you didn't even know there was a day dedicated to all those Joe's out there.  I know my Joe deserves a day to celebrate him!  He is pretty awesome.

And Sunday was his birthday to, so we celebrated by going to hit golf balls at the dome.  Hope and I started on the miniature course.

Then while Joe was taking breaks from hitting he gave Hope some lessons.

Then she would hit some on her own.  It was pretty cute to see them together.

Golf is probably a better bet than softball.  LOL!  I was lucky enough to talk her out of going out for softball this summer.  So we are going to spend the money on a pool pass instead.  Hopefully we have a nice summer to enjoy the pool.

Surprisingly, I don't have any cards to celebrate National Joe Day, so these will have to do...

For this card, I actually cut a slit in the chipboard typewriter sticker and slipped the stamped sentiment to look like it was actually typed.

This is another of my favorite cards I created a while back.  I love the bright colors!

Everyone have a great weekend!


Saturday, March 21, 2015


I haven't given an update in a while on my diet.  Well, I am happy to report that I am down 24 pounds.  I am really happy with where I am at right now, but would like to give myself a few pounds to play with over the summer, so hoping to get another 6-7 over the next month.  We will see.  There are a LOT of temptations out there.  LOL!

Tomorrow someone (JOE) has a birthday!  We are going to celebrate by watching UNI and Iowa play tomorrow in the NCAA tourney.  GO UNI!!!!!  They have the late game, so I hope I can stay awake long enough to cheer on my panthers.  Iowa will get my cheers too, until they have to play each other (if they both keep winning they will meet up on the brackets).  I have the tourney on now, and Charles Barkley just chose UNI in his bracket.  :)

So what else has been going on...

This furry beast got a buzz cut the other day.

and now she is all cute for Spring!  She even had a purple bandana around her neck for UNI!

So when I picked up Hope on Friday, she brought all her crafts home from BTB for the week.  One in particular cracked me up.  She chose to wear a hockey jersey to BTB and came home with this... MASK!

How creepy is that!  I am just glad they didn't offer that craft last friday on the 13!  I would need to change her name to Jason.  Good grief!

Taylor is obviously a little chilly with her new do, so she likes to snuggle in the blankets.

Hope's class got their picture in the paper this week too.  She is in the front on the left hand side.

Well, it is about time to round of Hope and her friend from her sleepover and deliver her home and for me to have a little bit of relaxation the rest of the day.  Probably wishful thinking, but never hurts to dream right?

So to celebrate Joe's birthday, here are some recent birthday cards I created.  Enjoy!

Happy Birthday Joe!  Love you!


Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Beautiful Weather!

Oh I am so loving the weather this week.  We have been walking at work and Hope and I went for a walk down the trail tonight after school tool.  She was on her bike and just before we were going to turn around the pedal fell off.  I wasn't able to get it back on so she walked it to a neighbor's house along the trail and stayed and had a play date and I had Joe pick her and the bike up on his way home from work.  Taylor and I made our way back home and had supper ready by the time everyone made it back home.

It was a little wet and muddy in places along the trail, but it was great being out in the weather.  AND we even saw a robin, so it is officially spring.   Right?

So Hope had her interview for the videographer position for next school year.  She is supposed to find out if she got it or not tomorrow.  Keep your fingers crossed.

One of the videos she showed as a sample was of her friends performing at Funday Sunday last weekend.  She was in the first two songs and then the last song she recorded for her sample.

The girls were rocking it out to Taylor Swift!

Hard to believe we have had this furry cutie for almost a year now.  After our walk tonight, she needs a bath and a good trim.  Next week on Spring Break she gets her turn at the beauty shop.

Last week one of my best friends got back from vacation.  She went to Costa Rica and celebrated her birthday.  So I gave her a gift when she got back.

So to celebrate her birthday and just being happy about the weather, here are some cards to share!

Shared this one because my mom and sister Dawn and I went to a retirement party for our dentist.  He had been (almost) the only dentist I have ever been too.  I had my last appointment with him just a few weeks ago and got teary as I walked out.  

Well, I hope I have good news to share with you tomorrow.  Have a good night!


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