Thursday, September 26, 2013

Oh the Silliness and so much more...

Well, there has been a lot of silly stuff since I posted last time and a whole lot more.

Last Thursday we had one heck of a storm come through.  Of course, it hit right as school was getting out.  This is the only day I pick Hope up at school because of the time she has to get to class.  Well, I was late leaving work so I was at the back of the pick up line and I was pretty sure I wouldn't get Hope in the van before it started raining.  However, I didn't expect the storm to be so strong.  It was shaking the van, it hailed, a port-a-potty blew across the road in front of me, etc.  I was pretty scared and was questioning my decision not to park in the lot and go into the school.  Well luckily I survive to tell the tale.  :)  When Hope and I got home, we had a trampoline in our back yard.  She asked if we could keep it.

In other silly news...Hope forgot to put her tights on first and decided it was ok to just put them on the outside of her leotard.  Now usually I can go with almost any of her crazy outfits, but this one kind of embarrassed me.  LOL!  She did finally agree to change it once we got inside.

This was a silly picture of her one afternoon walking home from the bus stop.  

Picture Day.  You can't really see the curls, but she did actually let me curl her hair.  I think it turned out ok.  We will see once we get the pictures back.

Homecoming...this was the first time we have attempted to participate in school Homecoming activities.  Her previous school only had events during the school day, but her new school has a Friday evening spirit night.  It was awesome.

There were two fire trucks the kids could explore.

Hope and her friends.

They had free face painting and hair spray paint too.

She actually got her face painted twice since she rubbed off the first one.

After we got home, she talked daddy into taking her to the football game, while (tired) mommy stayed home and scrapbooked (and had some wine).  LOL!

Let's see...we also inherited beginner roller skates from Annie and Ally.  I can't believe her back side isn't black and blue from the multiple falls she has taken.  Although her elbows and knees have several scabs on them in the process of healing.  LOL!  She got a little over confident and we tried to skate to a neighbors house and ended up walking the skates home.  LOL!

Practice makes perfect.  

Today was Hope's school field trip.  I will share those photos next time, once I get them on the computer.  Technology has not been cooperating lately.  :)

Well, after all that, here are a few layouts to share with you.  I recently put some of these together.

Yep, a little behind on school layouts.  This is from first grade (she is in third grade).  I think I have everything to put together her second grade memories page now too.   Instead of doing each event/party, etc. I usually just put together a double page layout for each year featuring a few pictures of school events I was able to attend.

I do the same concept for each summer (for most events) just to highlight the fun stuff we did over the summer (especially if I just have a picture of two of an event).

Here is the journaling for this layout above.  I loved the printed paper with the bike on it, so I just used it as an embellishment on the layout.  Love things that do double duty.  :)

Here are a few other layouts too...

Here is a recent layout from last year's Iowa State Fair.

And I will end with a retirement card I made for our new neighbor.  He retired from the Air Force, so Joe wanted me to make a card with a plane on it.  Well, this was the closest thing I had.  I thought it worked.  

Alright, I am off to watch the season premier of Parenthood!  Love that show.


Tuesday, September 10, 2013

One Week!

and counting!  I have not had a Diet Coke in over a week (as of yesterday).  I LOVE the stuff, but just had to decide to stop drinking it.  Yeah me!

Today was pajama day at school.  I must be slipping because I forgot to take a picture of Hope before she went to school.  Oh well.  She was cute, you will just have to take my word for it.  LOL!

Not much else going on, so will end with sharing some Celebration related cards...

This card was actually from a recycled card I received.  I cut off the front because I thought it was so pretty with the glitter dots already on it.

This card was a struggle.  I had this clock I wanted to use, but after the move I couldn't find my stamp set with "time to celebrate".  I looked multiple times.  Of course after I created this card using letter stickers, I finally found the stamp set.  :)

I had these cork shapes for a LONG time and was having troubles using them, until I came across a sketch with circles all across it.  I used it to create this card and finally use up my cork pieces.

Have a good night!


Monday, September 9, 2013

Things I am loving right now...

Just before Hope and I came to the basement tonight, I was thinking about all the things I am liking right now...

1. I am loving our daily schedule.  I love that Hope no longer has activities on Monday and Tuesday nights, but instead on Wednesday and Thursday.  This way I am not starting my weeks off with a full day of working and then running around.
2. I love Hope's new school schedule (mostly).  It starts more than 40 minutes later than her last school. We are usually ready at least 30 minutes before the bus comes.  I actually have time to eat breakfast, read Facebook, sometimes empty the dishwasher and most of the time make our bed (which was virtually never done in our entire married life).  LOL!
3.  I am loving our hot tub, although today it is 100 degrees out, so I don't think we will be getting in tonight.

Things I am not loving right the tantrum Hope is throwing right now as I type.  So I totally lost my train of thought of all things I am loving right now.  LOL!  Oh well...

I have had several friends with birthdays lately, so how about some Birthday cards to share today.

As you know, I always make cards using the scraps from my layouts.  On the card below, it was made with the Basic Grey papers used on the Duluth, MN layout I shared last time.  On the edge of each of the papers is a scalloped design showing the pattern of the paper on the back side of the paper.  Well, I saved all of those and used them in my cards.  They were a great addition to use and even had a printed stitch on it too, for some texture on the cards.

I made this card this past weekend and I think it is one of my favorites.  I don't think I have ever created an all yellow card.  So happy and cheery!  Just because it is Gold, don't think I am cheering for the Hawks this weekend.  Go cyclones! Yep, we are a house divided this weekend.  You see, if the Cyclones win, then UNI can claim the "state" title, since UNI beat ISU!  So lets hope for an ISU win!

Ok, back to the cards...I have also started using a lot of glitter paper.  I love the look of glitter, but hate dealing with loose glitter.  So I have been buying the glitter cardstock that can easily be used for punches (if it isn't too thick) or to make die cuts.  Or even just a simple border on a card.

Ok, this is another favorite card I created this weekend.  I had all of these leftover chipboard pieces (I used the others on several other layouts).  It was simple just to lay the hexagons all across the card, stamp a sentiment and add a button.  Done!

Alright, time to run and get supper going!  Laters!


Sunday, September 8, 2013

Happy Grandparents Day!

Thanks to Facebook, I  now know that today is Grandparents Day.  So sorry to both Grandma's that there was nothing special in your mailboxes this weekend (or the last time we saw you-last weekend).  We love you and appreciate everything you do for us and Hope loves you both too!

So here are some cards to celebrate you...

Since we only have Grandmas and I forgot to share these in May, I will share them now.  :)

And here are two recent layouts I created, which features each of the Grandmas. 

The first one is our trip to Duluth,  MN last summer for a family wedding.  We took Grandma Karen up to MN so we could all attend and we did some fun things around town. 

On each side I created pockets to hold my journaling and some extra pictures and postcards.

This is a funny layout about Grandma Deloris and Hope.  When Joe and I were out of town a year ago, she came to stay with Hope.  Her car has a CD player in it and Hope heard Red Solo Cup and wanted to hear it over and over again.  After Grandma went home she started singing this song and it just cracked me up.  So on Hope's birthday this year we just happened to use red solo cups and caught mom and Hope proceeding to party!!!!  LOL!

And now onto other news...

Our neighbors held an End of Summer party last night and really went ALL out!  They created this 100' slide down the hill in their back yard.

I think Hope went down about a 100 times throughout the day.  All the kids (BIG and little) had fun on it.  After it got dark was went most of the BIG kids had some fun going down too.  LOL!

They had a sump pump hooked up to the end and pipes to recycle the water from the pool at the bottom back up to the top for constant water going down.  And he kept adding soap to it too, so it would be slick.  So cool!

They also hired a band and had BBQ catered in, as well as a popcorn machine, etc.  It was fun meeting a few of the neighbors we hadn't met yet.

Well, now that we have had the End of Summer party, hopefully it will start to cool down (just a bit) and we have a nice LONG fall.

Have a great night!


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