Sunday, August 14, 2011

Feeling Queasy? What's that?

Hope was up sick last night, so not much sleep was had at our house last night.  Oh well, she woke up and was only sick once today, so definitely on the mend.  Both Joe and I have felt queasy all day.  I always feel that way.  Sympathy illness, I hope.  :)

Anyway, Hope was worried about me eating lunch when I got home this afternoon.  I told her I was going to wait a bit because my stomach was feeling queasy.  She asked me what that meant.  So had to explain that my tummy was upset too, but I didn't really feel like I was going to get sick.  So I had to eat something to prove to her I wasn't sick.  So far so good.  :)

So maybe we will still take the afternoon and go to the Fair.  We will have to see how everyone is doing.

Joe decided to water the back yard yesterday.  Had two cardinals that were enjoying a cool summer bath as the sprinkler would pass over the branches they were sitting on.  Then they would shake their feathers and wait for the water to come back.  This is the mama bird.  You can see the drops of water on the tree branches.

I made a few cards for a recent call, but didn't hear anything on them, so will share them here.  

These were both really simple cards, which are my favorite to make.  

Well, that is all for tonight!

Have a good one, and keep your figures crossed for good health!


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