Monday, January 10, 2011

Mom, guess what!

This is what greeted me at the door today when she got off the bus!

Hope lost her first tooth today, in more ways than one.  

It has been snowing out all day today, and during the afternoon recess they decided to go outside for a little bit.  Well, she said it fell out and she lost it in the snow.  I couldn't help but giggle just a little in how she said it.  I told her we would just write a note to the tooth fairy tonight so she would know where to look for it.  

Now her and all the neighborhood kids are playing out in the front yard with the neighbor's lab who is running all over like a manic.  It is pretty funny.  And they are shoveling the driveway.  Gotta love that and all for the price of some hot chocolate and Ritz crackers.

On to the birthday tea party...

This was Hope and her doll (she doesn't have a name yet) waiting for her party guests to arrive.

Here they are in their matching dresses.  Lovely!

Here are all the guests and their dolls.

These were the neighborhood girls before they went home.  The twins had to leave early for soccer camp, and they were pretty tired after a slumber party the night before to celebrate their birthdays.

Now on to some other scrappy stuff...

I saw a card similar to this one in a magazine and thought it was really cute.  So this is my version of it.  The ribbon was left over from a Victoria Secret gift card box.  I also added pink gems to the chandelier (after I took the picture).

The chandelier was from a Teresa Collins transparency, so I have several more version of the same card to show you later.  I did some different things with the ribbon and put on different sentiments to put my own spin on it.  I will share those later after I get a chance to take pictures of them.  

Here it is with the gems.  It just gives it a little more shine.  

I better go check on the kids.  Have a good night and stay warm!  I am hoping for a snow day tomorrow, so keeping my fingers crossed.


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