Saturday, January 29, 2011


Well, Hope had a VERY good week, so she earned the dot paints she wanted to buy a few weeks ago.  So after she (not so patiently) waited for me to get up, eat breakfast and shower we went to the mall to get the paints.

We walk into the store, go to where we saw them on the wall and they aren't there.  So we go ask someone if they had any and they were all sold out.  BUMMER!  So we looked around to see if there was anything else she wanted to get and decided to just head home.  I felt so bad, so we went to Walmart to see if we could find something similar.  We ended up getting the ColorMagic finger paints, that are clear and only work on special paper.

Then we went and picked up the twins for a play date.  We stopped and got lunch at McDonalds.

We mixed up some cookie dough and it is in the fridge cooling.  So when I am done here they should be ready to roll out to make cookie cutter cookies with the girls.  FUN and YUMMY!

Well, I finished a few more layouts and will share one today.

I finally got layouts completed from our trip to South Dakota in 2008.  I had made a mini album for The Scrappy Gourtmet, you can see it HERE, but I hadn't made any layouts.

This is the first one I will share of Mt. Rushmore.  This is not the color combination I had in my head, but I like how the pop of brick red looked with the photos and other papers I used.

I also used another sketch from my Page Maps books I got for Christmas.  Loving them.

Well, I better go get some cookies made.  Later!


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