Friday, January 21, 2011


It has been a few days, but been busy in the evenings, so haven't had a chance to blog.

Anyway, had to tell of another funny conversation Hope and I had one night when I was putting her to bed.  She asked me how many boyfriends I had when I was 6.  WHAT?  I just laughed and said I thought boys were yucky when I was six (especially the one that tried to kiss me-"Give me a kiss, baby"-ok that is a whole other story).  She didn't miss a beat and said, but you don't think they are yucky now because you like daddy.  And I agreed.  Then she asked, well why were they yucky when you are six.  I like daddy and I am six?  At that point, I just asked her to brush her teeth.  Good grief!

So, I guess I should elaborate on the "give me a kiss, baby" comment.  When I was 6 years old (in Kindergarten), my mom used to get her haircut by Kenny's mom (one of my classmates).  So she brought me along one day and we went to his room to play.  Well, once we were in his room, he closed the door, cornered me against it, and said...yep you guessed it... "give me a kiss, baby".  I have no recollection of what happened next, but to this day we still laugh about it.  And neither of us can remember if we actually kissed or not.

Ok, story time is on to some scrappy stuff.

This was another card I made from the Fancy Pants scrap papers.  I really struggled to figure something out for the scraps of the die cut paper, but I think this turned out to be one of my favorite cards from these scraps.  Funny how it works out that way.

Well, that is all for tonight.  I am hoping to stay up late and do some scrapbooking tonight, so I might have some layouts to share this weekend.  


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