Friday, January 7, 2011

Happy Birthday Hope!

I can't believe my baby is 6 years old!  Every year I always remember what I was doing on this day.  As some of you may or may not know, we were chosen (through adoption) by a very special girl to be Hope's mom and dad.  I was at work most of the day, but knew that J was at the hospital, in labor.  I didn't have much else on my mind that day, and everyone kept asking me what I was still doing at work.  What else was I going to do?  At least I wouldn't be at home going crazy wondering what was going on.  :)  That day was so crazy.  See, originally, we thought we were going to be adopting a boy.  She had two ultrasounds done and both times they told her it was a boy.  Well, they sure were WRONG!  :)  The social worker called us the morning she was born and said, "J hadn't changed her mind, the baby was fine, but things didn't go like we thought they were going to go".  We didn't really know what that meant, but J had wanted to call and tell us herself.  Well, eventually the social worker called us back and said, "It's A Girl"!  Later that night, we got to go meet Hope for the very first time.

That was the BEST day ever.

We have an open adoption, so we still keep in touch with Hope's birth family.  They will always have a very special place in our hearts.  Thank you for such a wonderful gift.

Anyway, onto year number six...

Last night, Grandma Karen and I took Hope to get a birthday manicure, while we got pedicures.  She wanted a rainbow, with one color on each finger.  The people just smiled and laughed.  She knew exactly what she wanted!

I forgot my camera, so these were taken on my phone, so the quality isn't that great.  Oh well!

Here she is waiting for her nails to dry.  She thought it took FOREVER!

Here are the colors that she chose, and they had to be in a special order.

This was just before we left.  She was a happy girl!

Well, I need to get the birthday meal started.  The neighbor girls just came to get Hope to play, so I can enjoy some time with the Grandmas.

Everyone have a good night!

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