Monday, January 17, 2011

Getting organized!

Ok, My scrap space has been disorganized for quite some time, but I am getting closer to being more organized.  I went shopping today and bought some storage containers, but ended up rearranging what I had to make it work (pulled some out of drawers so everything still matched).  I knew I bought those extra containers for a reason.  :)

So here is a photo of my new organized space.

The bottom row is still the same, but I removed the radio and other "junk" from the upper shelf and added the two larger red totes.  Then I rearranged the bottles of supplies to the middle.

I still need to work on what I have on top of the cabinet, but at least my supplies are better organized.

This is my bottle collection I started this summer after I saw an idea at CHA.  In the Prima booth, they had these cool antique bottles with these crown and other jeweled tops in them.  So I started collecting similar bottles, etc.  Now I just need to add some ribbon, maybe some rub-ons to the bottles, etc.  I will update when I have that completed, which who knows when inspiration will strike for that project.

I actually found these three at Michaels today, so if you like the idea, go get some of your own!  They were actually already decorated so I can add more if I want or just leave them as is.

Well, that is all for me tonight.  I am going to go have a glass of wine and watch Desperate Housewives from last night.  Goodnight!


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