Friday, January 28, 2011

Chip off the old block!

This happened earlier in the week, but just had to share.

Hope and I met Grandma Deloris, Aunt Debbie, Aunt Dawn to go see the twins sing at their school program.  They did an excellent job.

So while we were waiting for them to exit, Grandma and Debbie asked Hope where she wanted to go eat supper.  Her answer "I think we should go to a steakhouse".  They both laughed because this is exactly something I would have said (maybe when I was a little bit older).  On our defense, we don't take her to steak houses all the time, but the one we really liked (it closed) had her favorite macaroni and cheese.  That was what she was thinking when she answered.  Too funny!

Anyway, I haven't shared much the past few days.  So here is another layout from our trip to D.C.

This was my favorite layout because of the story.

My dad's brother, Dean, was on the Honor Flight that took us to D.C.  

Flying high above the Washington Monument was a bald eagle.  It was like dad was there watching over us all that day.  It was an amazing site.

Well, I am going to go finish the movie I am watching and then do some reading.



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