Saturday, October 2, 2010

Great Day for a Parade

Yesterday was a GREAT day for a parade.  The 3 Kindergarten classes at school had a parade to celebrate the end of the book they were reading this week, called "Arm in Arm".  In the book is a parade.  Hope's teacher plays the trombone, so she gave each of the kids instruments to play in the parade.  The other 2 classes watched while they marched along the sidewalk.  Then each of the other classes got their turn to march in the parade too.

Hope was one of the lucky kids to get the cymbols for her instrument.

Here the kids are practicing with Mrs. Nelson before the parade.

Here are the other 2 classes watching the parade.

This is Hope and our neighbor Anna.  After Hope took her turn through the parade, it was Anna's class turn.  So Hope handed off the cymbols to Anna.

And because it is World Card Making Day here is a card to share with you today.

I am hoping to get a little time to scrapbook this evening!  I spent last night cleaning Hope's room and sorting out the toys in the toy room.  YIKES!  It was deep from lots of playdates.  Now it is all ready for playtime again this week.

Everyone have a great weekend!


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