Monday, October 4, 2010

Look mom...

I have people tell me all the time that they think Hope is one of the funniest kids they have ever met.  Well, I would have to agree with them, although sometimes I don't think everything is funny (like they do). :)

Today was one of those FUNNY moments.  She got home from school today, took her coat off and a noticed she had a hole in her pants.  Right in the middle of her "cheek" area.  I asked her what happened to her pants.  First she told me she didn't know, but later she said she cut them with her scissors today.  I explained to her that she needed to be more careful because we were going to have to throw the pants away and eventually she would run out of "soft" pants to wear (she doesn't like to wear jeans).

The next thing I know, she has turned on the "Funny".  She put her finger through the hole and says "Look mom, it's like a puppet show."  I just laughed and said "I have to take a picture of you doing that".  :)

So here are the pictures I took of her.  

The kid just cracks me up!  And I love it!

Well, in case you stopped by for some scrappiness...

Here is a card for you to enjoy!

I made this card using the Fancy Pants flocked transparency.  I covered the back with paper to show through and the scallop punch is on the front and back.

I have been playing around with a few clear cards lately, and will share more later.

Have a good night!


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