Friday, October 29, 2010

My pumpkin Picasso!

Earlier this week, I finally found the time to get to the grocery store.  Well they had the mini pumpkins on sale, 10 for $1.  BARGAIN!  So I picked up a few and let Hope paint them up however she wanted.

They both started out very creative, and then she kept adding layers and layers of paint.  I wasn't sure they would even be dry by Halloween.  :)

The first one actually just looked all green by the time she was done, so we decided to add some sequins to the pumpkins to give them some sparkle. 

She is such a cute pumpkin picasso!

Today, I went to her school and her class had their Fall party.  And tonight was the Monster Mash all school party.  I will share these photos when I get the chance to get them loaded.  And here in town we trick or treat the night before Halloween, so tomorrow night we will be walking around the neighborhood.  Should be nice out, so that makes it much more FUN for the grown ups too!

Good night!


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