Monday, September 27, 2010

It's HERE!

Joe's new car finally got here.  He has been patiently waiting since June for his new Ford Edge to come in, and last week, it finally did.  He has spent a lot of time in it testing out all the new gadgets, etc.  It is pretty cool.  I even get to drive it to work later this week.  Yeah!

So here it is...

For the first several days he had it, it rained!  So this weekend he parked it out on the driveway to get some sun.  Unfortunately he noticed some damage to the room that happened during transporting, so he will need to take it back to get fixed.  Nothing major.  It has all the gadgets he wanted, and has Sync for his I-phone too.  It is pretty cool.

We were busy all weekend, but it was all low key at home.  It rained all day Saturday, so Hope did some crafts, while I finished up on this...

This is a sneek peak of my next project for The Scrappy Gourmet.  Watch for it here, when the kits are ready.

On Saturday, Hope decided she wanted to play with my old lego sets.  We worked on building a castle set, and started the train (but haven't had the chance to finish it yet).  Maybe later this week.

Well, I am off to clean off my scrapbook table now that my Christmas project is finished.  It got pretty deep during this project, which is pretty normal.  Now I need to start planning what I want to work on at the Wisconsin retreat in a few weeks.  I can't wait.  I always look forward to going to the spa and scrapbooking for an entire weekend with my friends.  So much fun!

Anyway, hope you had a great day and have a good night too!


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