Monday, February 13, 2012

What a nice machine!

I was pleasantly surprised this afternoon while visiting my local ATM.  I was depositing some checks and took a withdrawal and when it gave me my card back and displayed a message on the screen...Happy Birthday!  Wow!  Birthday wishes from my ATM machine.  How nice.  :)

Speaking of my birthday...I forgot to mention that Hope and Joe picked out a wine glass with a woozie (a coozie for your wine glass) that said "Birthday Queen" on it.  I am putting it to good use right now, since I won't be working out in the morning.  I am hoping we even get a late school start, but not holding my breath on that one.

On to the funny stuff...more Hope-isms!

He new favorite song is now YMCA, which was one of the songs they danced to at the Daddy/Daughter dance the other night.  I bet we listened to it 50 times or more this weekend.

More on the music it wrong that some of her other favorite songs are Low by Flo-rida and Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy?   Oh boy!  First I can't watch my tv shows around her and now apparently I can't listen to my own music either.  Oh well!  I do listen to other good music, but for some reason she decided she liked these songs.  What are ya gonna do?

I am going to her Valentine Party tomorrow and am hoping to get a picture of her and her future husband...update to follow.  :)

Valentine's Day came a little early this evening.  Joe brought home roses and a bottle of wine for me and Hope got a stuffed dragon with hearts on it.  He/she went to bed with her tonight to be introduced to the other extended stuffed animal kingdom in her room.  I am sure the dragon will be welcomed with open arms.

I will end things with a few more cards I have made recently...from you guessed it, more paper scraps. 

These have a great summer feel to them.  I guess if it is going to be bad weather, I can create warm summery projects. 

Anyway, have a great night and I will be back soon!


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