Monday, February 27, 2012

Updating the meals you grew up eating...

I had to laugh tonight as I was preparing dinner tonight.  Growing up, one common meal we had was hamburger patties and potatoes cooked in a foil pack in the oven.  Mom always added onions too for flavor.  Fast forward to 2012...tonight I made ground turkey patties with potatoes (and skipped the onions since Joe and Hope won't eat them).  This was the first time I had tried ground turkey cooked like this.  Since the turkey is more lean than hamburger, next time I will put in an ice cube for moisture so the meat won't be so dry.  Otherwise, it tasted great.  I cooked it for 45 minutes in case any of you want to try this easy meal out.  I put it in the oven before I left to get Hope from dance and it was nearly ready when we got home.  My kind of meal!

This weekend we made a quick trip down to KC to visit my sister.  I did some shopping in her basement (which happens to be The Scrappy Gourmet).  :)  I also brought home lots of product to make more kits.  So be sure to watch for coming attractions.

We also got to play with the new puppies.  This is Otis (the all cream one) and Ella (the multi-colored) puppy.  Aren't they CUTE?!?  They were so sweet.

And we were there when one of the puppies fell and got hurt.  She slipped off the couch and broker her leg.  It was pretty scary, but she is under the best of care and being very spoiled.  :)  Of course, with a broken leg comes a cast.

Poor thing!

And here is two more cards to share with you...

This one was made to be a gift card holder, with a pocket just above the buggy sticker.

Well, I have a little free time tonight, so I am going to do some scrapbooking!  Good night!


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