Saturday, February 18, 2012

Are ghosts real?

This was a question Hope posed to Joe and I on our way home from supper tonight.  I said, only good ghosts.  Then she said a girl in her class said they were real and the last time she went to the Science Center she saw a real one because it didn't have feet.  I wonder if this is the same girl that said she believes in the "evil eye" too.  :)  I guess it is time to talk about "you shouldn't believe everything you hear".  

Not much else going on this weekend, so will just share a couple baby layouts I made a while back.

This first little cutie is Hope at three months old.  This was one of my MOST favorite pictures.  Her blue eyes just pop!

And this little cutie is my great-nephew Kenton.  He has changed SO much since this picture too.  

I several cards I created from these scraps that I will share over the next few posts, so be sure to check back.  

That is all for tonight!

Have a great night!

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