Friday, February 10, 2012

Daddy & Daughter Dance

Check out these two cuties...

They are off to the Daddy & Daughter dance at our church tonight. 

Hope was so excited she had her coat on WAY before it was time to go and they still ended up leaving way earlier than they needed to.  Oh well.  :)

I know they will have fun!

Love these two!

Speaking of love, there is that holiday coming up next week.  Here are a few cards inspired by it!

Speaking of "that" holiday, it always seems to get in the way of my birthday plans.  Yes, folks my birthday is tomorrow.  :)  I wanted to make reservations to eat at a Japanese steak house tomorrow night, but the earliest we could get in was 9:30.  I never get around to making arrangements until it is too late.  Oh well!  I guess we will brave the crowds and go early to Red Lobster tomorrow night.  It is another one of my favorites.  Maybe I should call and make my reservations for next year now.  What do you think?  :)

Well, I have the house to myself for another 2 hours, so I am going to get scrapping!

Have a good night!


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