Thursday, December 1, 2011

Look who is BACK!

Elfie has returned for the 2011 Christmas season!  Yeah!  Look where we found him when we got home from school!

We had been home for quite some time and I asked Hope if she knew who stopped by for a visit last night. She got a strange look on her face and then asked if it was Elfie.  She started running around the house trying to find him and found him on the fireplace mantel perched on her school picture.  She was SO EXCITED and started screaming and laughing. 

Then she went to work making him the card she gave to him telling him how much she loves him.

Now she is making matching crowns for her and Elfie.  Too cute (even though she is supposed to be doing math, writing or reading).  Oh well, she is writing anyway.  :)

We are going to decorate tomorrow night and it is snowing outside right now.

Since we are talking about Christmas, here is another card to share with you!

Stay warm and cozy tonight!

Come back to follow the adventures of Elfie-2011!  Where will we find him next?


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