Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Elfie & Project 12-November sketch

Elfie continued his adventures in our house...

He landed on the top of the painting.  I think we found him there last year too (I guess he is running out of hiding places).  :)

It has been really cold here the past few days so...I am thinking warm thoughts while posting my November sketch layout.  I used this layout as a general summer layout of all the various activities we did this summer.  

Here is the november sketch:

I loved this sketch from the moment I saw it and I actually followed it pretty closely.  Here is my layout...

I don't usually use such bright colors, but this layout just called for something different.  The papers and stickers were from Echo Park and I used just a few other odds and ends from my stash.

Here are some detailed shots...I added the year using small stickers on the side of the "summer days" title after I took the picture.

When I printed my photos, I used the print function on iPhoto.  I grouped all the photos I wanted to use into one folder and highlighted all of them to be printed.  Then I chose to print out an index sheet of all of the pictures (which gave me another option to choose the size of the photos).  Once I decided on how many to print per page I just had to click ok and all the pictures printed.  It was actually pretty easy to do on my Mac computer.

I also had a lot of pictures that I took on my phone, so the small size of picture was great to use since the pixel quality isn't always the best when using your phone to take pictures.

That is my November P12 layout.  I already have my December layout completed too.  I used pictures from last Christmas that I had not scrapbooked, which included all of our preparation for Christmas.  So, it will be my first layout during P12 that I actually used pictures from the month of the sketch (even though they are from last year).  :)

I love how the layout turned out, so I will be sharing it soon.  

On to funny news...Hope has developed magical powers tonight.  Somehow she is managing to make the lights on the tree go on and off when she touches the tree.  It is pretty cute!

That is all for tonight!  Have a good one!


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