Sunday, December 18, 2011

Firetruck Santa

It was an exciting and long morning (yesterday) waiting for Santa to arrive in our neighborhood on a firetruck.  We had time to make a batch of chex mix...YUM!

Finally, I went to the mail box to drop one last Christmas card in the mail and I could hear the sirens in another close by neighborhood.  So, while we waited the girls decided to play outside with sidewalk chalk and play golf.  Crazy, since it is December.

Here is a picture of all the kids and Santa!

Then the girls spent the afternoon playing!

I woke up with a cold yesterday and just kind of bummed around.  This morning after we got home from church, Hope brought me a piece of paper.  She had made me a get well card.  How cute it that!  That one is a keeper for sure!

Well, here is the latest on Elfie...he got cozy in one of the stockings we have hanging around the house...

...and must have hitched a ride back on this reindeer this night...

...and in the lampshade last night.

Can you believe that Christmas is next week.  I think we are done shopping, but now just need to wrap presents.  

Well, off to rest my tired bones and watch the finale of Survivor!  I really don't have a favorite I want to win, but still enjoy watching how it all plays out!

Til next time...


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