Saturday, December 3, 2011

Trimming the Tree 2011

We finally got around to putting up the tree last night.  Joe was working later and Hope just couldn't wait to start putting it up.  She remembered from last year how to follow the directions for the different colors on each level of the tree branches.  She pretty much put up the entire tree on her own with just a little help from me.

Joe finally got home and helped us put the lights on the tree while I fluffed out each branch.

Hope had specific places she wanted each of her favorite ornaments.

Below she is adding to the "candy section" on the tree, where she put all the candy themed ornaments.  Funny kid!

Here she is showing off the candy section along with a few other favorites of hers.  Some of the ornaments are bunched together, but that is just the way she/we wanted it.  :)

And now on the the Elfie updates...

On day 2, we found Elfie here...

...and since we put the tree up last night, we found him on day the top of the Christmas tree.

As you can see, we have lots of Hope tree ornaments.  I love finding them with Hope's name on them and usually add a few each year.  :)

Well, I need to go get my baby mouse ready for dress rehearsal for the Nutcracker (the show is next Saturday).  I can't wait.

Here is another Christmas card to share with you too...

This is almost identical to one I shared the other day except it has different colors.  Super easy when you have the right pattern papers.

Have a great night!


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