Thursday, December 8, 2011

Snow much fun!

It started snowing here this evening after Hope got home from school. I told her to go look out back to see if it was snowing and she said she could see sparkles, but didn't think it was snowing...until she stuck her foot out and started moving it around.  She was pretty excited, so excited that she ran out without a coat and started playing.  Then she finally got cold after a minute and decided to come in and get a coat, hat, gloves and boots on and went to work shoveling the deck.

For some reason she thought it needed to be done (even though there is hardly any snow).  Might have something to do with trying to earn one of these...

We baked cookies tonight for this weekend.  And yes, those are Christmas cookies with purply-pink frosting.  It was the color Hope picked out/created.  I just went with it.  :)  The next batch will have traditional colored frosting.

...Or maybe she was trying to give something good for Elfie to report to Santa tonight.  Here is where we found him this morning (Day 8)...

These are the lego sets that Hope had been building and we ended up putting them on top of her art center for now instead of taking them apart.

Here is a Christmas card I made a while back.  I have had these papers for years and finally go around to making a few cards, but have a lot more I can make too.  Maybe next year.

Since the snow is glistening'...I will end with that tonight!

Have a good one and stay warm!


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