Monday, August 23, 2010

Meet the Teacher night

Tonight we got to meet Hope's Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Nelson and check things out around the room.  We also took in all her school supplies and looked around her classroom.  She was a little shy at first, but started to warm up as we walked around the school.

Our neighbor is in a different class, but another little girl we know is in her class.  She had swimming lessons with her this summer, and Joe used to work with her mom at Hy-Vee.

This is Hope and her teacher, Mrs. Nelson.  They were standing in front of the locker she chose.

This is Hope's classroom.  The entire school was remodeled last year, so everything looks new and has bright colors all throughout the school.  She has 25 students in her class, so Mrs. Nelson is going to be busy this year.  I think she has an associate to help out in her class.

Hope will be a Crestview Tiger (which is the same mascot as the HS she will eventually attend).  School colors Orange and Black.

Well, that is all for tonight!  Everyone have a good night!


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