Monday, August 9, 2010


Well, here was the conversation Hope and I had last night as I was putting her to bed.

Hope:  Mom, I really Hope no more boys are nice to me anymore.  Because I can't have any more boyfriends.

Me:  I kind of giggled and then asked, "Well how many boyfriends do you have?"

Hope:  I have 4!  Dillon, Sam, Noah and Owen.

Me:  Again, I try not to giggle, and said "Wow, 4 boyfriends!  That is a lot of boyfriends."

Hope:  Yeah, that is why I can't have anymore.  Then she jabbered a little longer before she finally fell asleep.

I could hardly contain myself.  I just thought it was so cute.  In a few years it won't be so cute though.  Yikes!

Anyway, here are some more cards to share with you.

I originally made this card to give to a friend of mine.  I attended an engagement party for her tonight.  She looked so good.  Of course, I forgot to take the card with me, so I will have to mail it to her.  So typical me!  :)  I always have good intentions!


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