Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It's finally happening!!!

Ok, I was hoping this day would come.  Hope is actually tired when she got home from school today.  She is usually like the Energizer Bunny, but she fell asleep on the bus ride home.  YES!  And now after her bath tonight, she already asked if we could go to bed (at 6:45pm).  I couldn't believe it.  I know how she works, so I am trying to keep her up just a little bit longer, so she is spending some time with daddy while I post on my blog.

Next week she goes all day to Kindergarten, and I hope that she starts to sleep through the entire night.  Keep your fingers crossed.

Anyway, not much else going on here.  I am enjoying being home early everyday to see her get off the bus.  We usually have a quick snack and then some play time with the neighbor girls.  They have a lot of fun together.

I am going to start designing a Christmas mini-album with some awesome papers from MME.  Once I have some pages done, I might post a sneak peek.  So keep checking back.

I also was visiting some blogs and saw a call for some cards, so I started pulling out some papers to make some cards and projects.  Maybe I will give it a go and send in some work.  I have always wanted to get published, but in order for that to happen I need to send in my work.  I have only tried a few times.  I am going to try and make more of an effort in the next few months to send in my work, even if I don't get published.

Well, speaking of cards, here is one more card to share with you.

This is the second to the last card I made from my Pink Paislee scraps (although I found some more papers in my stash the other day).

I hope you have a good evening and day tomorrow!


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