Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Iowa State Fair time!!!

Well, this year may be interesting for the Iowa State Fair.  There is a lot of major flooding going on in Central Iowa this past week (with more rain on the way later this week), and one of the main roads leading to the fair was closed today due to flooding.

In honor of the State Fair starting tomorrow, I just got around to making a layout from last year's fair adventure.

Ok, my favorite part of this layout is definitely how real the cotton candy looks.  :)  I used 3 cotton balls and just kept stretching them out and used liquid glue to put them on a chipboard piece I roughly cut into the shape of cotton candy.  I colored the chipboard piece with pink marker before glueing down the cotton in case you could see through.  Then I used bubblegum glimmer mist on the cotton.  It took several coats with blotting with paper towels in between to get the color just right.  Then while it was still wet, I sprinkled on some pink glitter.  It just stuck right into the cotton balls.

For the title, I used letter masks for the large letters and rub-ons for the smaller letters.  My "a" didn't stick down very good, so the paint went over the lines.  After I took these pictures, I actually used a black marker to color in where the pink paint wasn't supposed to be.

I also hand wrote my journaling again.  I have almost been doing that exclusively lately.  I guess it is a new trend for me.  I don't mind hand writing my journaling when I only have a few small details to note. If I have a long story, then I like to type it out.

I wish I would have had this layout done in time to enter it into the fair competition.  I have entered in the past, but haven't the past few years.  Well, there is always next year.

The fair lasts for 10 days, and it will probably be closer to the end of the fair before we get there.  Until then, I will have to think about all the awesome fair food I only get once a year.  I almost always end up getting the same things:  mini-donuts, corn dog, and a hand shaken lemonade.  There are usually other things too, but those are my favorites!  YUM!

Well, it was a long night of storms last night, so I am heading to bed early for once!  Goodnight!


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