Thursday, November 3, 2011

Where is Tom Turkey?

Hope was excited to show me her homework project yesterday.  She brought home a blank picture of a turkey with instructions for us to make a disguise for him so he wouldn't end up on the Thanksgiving Day dinner table.  Hope came up with her own suggestion of using fabric to make him a princess.

So before she got home from school, I looked through my scrapbook supplies and found a few things.  She was ok with one of them, which was actually an old hair tie that had broken.  She wanted purple fabric.  Well, before I was a scrapbooker I was a quilter, so we went up and raided my old fabric stash.

Here she is cutting up pieces to add to her turkey disguise.

And here is the finished project (or it was at one time).  I think she added more to it after I took this picture.  

Now I know my fabric stash is going to get some use.  Since she likes to use the sewing machine, I might let her just start sewing pieces together.  This will probably be a good project to do over Christmas break.

Speaking of is another card to share.

Well, I am off to get another project off my list...ordering pictures from Shutterfly.  It has been months, so it will be a pretty BIG order.  


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