Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Loves to read!

Last Saturday, Hope was waiting for me to finish eating breakfast so we could play a game of UNO Attack.  She patiently occupied herself by picking up a book!  She loves to read and is devouring books like crazy.

She is anxiously awaiting her most recent Scholastics book order.  She is getting some of the rainbow fairy books, two books about horses and a stationary set.  She could only get the stationary set if she promised to write letters to Great Grandma Weber and some of our other family members that live further away.  And she will be using them to write thank you notes this year for her Christmas and birthday gifts.  That is a habit I want to try and teach her early.

Anyway, the weather has been dreary around here for the past few days with constant rain.  I think it is supposed to turn to SNOW by morning.  I would only be happy about this if I didn't have to get up and go to work tomorrow.  YUCK! 

Anyway, speaking of snow, here is another Christmas card...

...again, this was a very simple card to make because I used the pre made stickers and matching cardstock papers from BoBunny.

Well, I am off to organize my projects for a crop this weekend!

Have a good one!


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