Thursday, November 10, 2011

I get to Scrapbook!

I am pretty excited about this weekend, which has officially started since I am off tomorrow.  I am helping  organize a scrapbooking event/crop at my church and it will be all day tomorrow and part of Saturday.  I am looking forward to getting a little time with fellow scrapbookers to get some stuff done.  I always have bigger hopes of getting more done than I actually get done, but it is still making progress.

Today's Hopism...when she got off the bus I noticed she had a completely different outfit on than what she went to school in.  Normally this means she probably had an accident at school, but today she announced that she jumped off a mound of snow and ended up falling in a puddle.  Then all the way down the sidewalk from the bus stop, she jumped on every last pile of snow left in the yards (which isn't much).

Well, now she is wanting to play some games on website, so my share of computer time is up.

So I will end with another card.

Have a good night!


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