Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Christmas List!

Well, we have started getting all the major store fliers with the big toy sections, etc. so Hope has started making her Christmas list.  And since she has had a good week so far, tonight we made a stop into Toys R Us to look around.  We also needed to get a birthday gift for a party this Friday, so we got something for that too.

Anyway, she didn't go as crazy as she did last year pointing to EVERYTHING, especially if it was pink.  There are a few things that I am sure I will pick up and others that will probably slip my mind.  :)

She seemed to like the Squinkees????  What are these things?  Are they just little playsets, or are they just the dispensers?  I guess I don't get them????

I was totally bummed that she didn't want any legos, although she did seem interested in the general pink box of legos.  She said we would get legos because I want all the Harry Potter legos.  I know, I am still a kid at heart and would have a BLAST putting all those sets together.   Santa, if you are listening...

She is really into art right now, so I will probably be getting some various supplies for that kind of activity. She has her own art area and loves being in it all the time, so we go through a lot of paint, paper, etc.  

Speaking of art and crafting...she has become interested in sewing lately and is always asking for a sewing lesson.  So this weekend we got it out again and I let her sew on paper.  After a while, she had the hang of using it all on her own, so I went to work on some other projects on the computer.

She cut up lots of different papers and got to work on a special project.

Once she had the letters on each page, she sewed them all together to spell her name.  :)

Then she ended up making a LOT more words and put those all together to say..."I love you mom, love Hope".  It was very long, so I took it to work and hung it up in my office area.

Well, it has rained all day here.  YUCK!

So I am going to share a bright and cheery card to end things tonight!

This was another SUPER easy card I made with scraps.

Well, that is all for tonight!  Stay warm and dry!


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