Wednesday, November 23, 2011


I am so very thankful for so many things in my life! My family, friends, job, church...I am so grateful each and every one of you are in my life and everything you do for me.

There are lots of little things I am thankful for in my life too...

Hope has been playing with my old legos again and we have spent lots of hours this week building.  I still love building with legos.  See that "vintage" castle.  :)  That was one of my favorite sets.  You can also see the train tracks too.  We keep forgetting to stop and get batteries so we can make the train run on the tracks.  It is pretty cool.

Hope also has the Toy Story lego train too.  Both trains are sitting on the table inside the tracks.  Fun stuff! I just wish they made more "girl" friendly legos, like a partner brand like Barbie sets like they do for Star Wars, etc.  :)  That would be fun too.

Anyway, tonight Hope and I made oatmeal cookies.  They turned out  PERFECT and oh so yummy!

While we baked cookies, we listened to some of her favorite songs on my iPhone, which includes:  Kung Fu Fighting, All I want to do (by Sugarland) and a few Taylor Swift songs.

I am thankful that Hope loves to sing.  On veteran's day, her class learned the song "Grand Old Flag" and she has been singing it over and over again!  Love it!  I keep trying to get her to let me record it, but no luck so far.  

Here is a quick card to share...

May you have visions on deals on Black Friday, but you won't see me out there!  Too crazy for me!  :)

Anyway, have a great Thanksgiving!


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