Tuesday, October 4, 2011

You probably didn't know...

...but I have been making posts from Cancun over the past week. I am heading home tomorrow. I finally got a long deserved day at the beach. My favorite kind, a lounge chair, a book and a cabana "guy" bringing me margaritas! My day ended kind of crazy. It started to get cloudy and I asked Mario if it was going to rain. Of course he said no. Well eventually it did start to rain and actually turned into a thunderstorm just like I was back home. Several of us took shelter under the tent on the beach. Ironically, one couple was also from Iowa. We sat there for a few hours while it rained and just had fun chatting with all the others.

Eventually my sister showed up and we left to go to dinner. It was a great way to end my time here.

And more good news...we got upgraded to first class on our flights home too. We love you Drew! I had never flown first class before, but it is pretty awesome!

Here are a few cards I made a while back.

Well, I need to go finish packing. I will share pictures of my trip with my sister when I get home! Audios from Cancun! Buenos noches.


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Jessica Adams Velasco said...

I love these cards with the birds. They remind me of Joyful Noise. :)

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