Friday, October 7, 2011

Oh bloody 'ell!

This is a phrase that was said multiple times by someone I met in Cancun, so it became my catch phrase.  In tonight's post, it has double meaning.

Before I start sharing a few pictures of my trip to Cancun, I have to share a few from last night.  Hope lost another tooth, and it was a bloody mess this time.  :)  She had a loose tooth, but was opening a package of fruit snacks and it got caught on the loose tooth and got yanked out.  She started screaming to get her a rag, etc......

So here is her new smile... now she has lost the front two top teeth and the bottom two teeth (one has grown in already).  So cute!

So, now onto Cancun...

Here I am with my toes in the ocean and sand.

Here is Dawn and I toasting to our trip.

Here we are in front of the Hard Rock Cafe sign.

My last day there, I went to the beach on my own.  This was my view from my chair.  Ahhhhh!

I had a cabana boy bringing me drinks, soaking up some sun, reading my book, etc.  This was my perfect idea of a day of vacation!

The cabana guys also brought by menus and went to go get food for me.  It was GOOD!

Then later in the day it started to cloud up and eventually started to rain.  I headed up to hang out under the tent on the beach while I waited for Dawn to meet me for supper.  She found me having drinks with some new friends in the tent area.  It was pretty crazy.

They even put away the bar...there it goes!

Dawn and I took a few walks to the mall nearby.  As we walked along, we kept seeing iguanas peeking out at us from under the sidewalk.  One even came out to say hi!  :)

Well, that is all for tonight!  I will be back this weekend to share some scrapbooking projects.  Have a good night!


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