Wednesday, October 12, 2011

My ear hurts!

Tonight while we were eating supper, Hope told me her ear hurt and then proceeded to tell me something was in there. At first she denied putting it in there. That something was a gem she had torn off her jeans today at school. Good grief! So I got my handy tweezers out and retrieved it out of her ear. A little bit later she said her ear still hurts. So I keep asking her if she put more than one gem in her ear and she said no. Finally after several more complaints about her ear I broke down and gave her some ibuprofen. I guess we will see how she is in the morning. I have a feeling we are headed to the doctor in the morning. Anyone want to bet we find more gems in her ear? I would not be surprised.

Here is another fun Halloween card I made a while back.  These are from old Cosmo Cricket papers from several years ago.  I still have a bunch left over, so I might end up making even more cards.

More fun news...I got an email to have another project published early next year.  How fun!

This past weekend, Hope picked me some flowers to decorate our bathroom.  How thoughtful!

Well, that is all for tonight!  Have a good one.


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