Thursday, October 20, 2011

Cheery card...

...on a cold and blustery day.  It was COLD this morning walking Hope to the bus.  Oh my, I am SO not ready for winter, but I think it is going to come if I am ready or not.  It is supposed to warm up again this weekend, so I might have one last chance to get my bulbs planted.  Nothing like waiting til the last minute.

Hope has been on a silly streak lately and she will say things that just make me crack up.  Usually I remember it and put it in my blog.  Well, all the meds I am on right now for my hives must be fogging my brain because I can't remember any of them.  BUMMER!  Oh well.

We did get an email from her teacher the other day telling us about her "difficult" day.  Just several minor things, but overall it wasn't a great day.  We talked about it and the next day she had a much better day.  I guess those kind of days are to be expected.  I know I even have them every so often.

Well, I have a lot of misc. cards from various projects I have shared over the past few weeks and months that I need to share.  So here are a two of them made from the Easter layout using MME scraps.

I thought these were bring and cheery for the long dreary day we had today (although the sun did come out later this afternoon).

Have a good night!


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