Sunday, October 30, 2011

Spooky stuff!

Well, we have been in full party mode this week with Halloween upon us.  The week started off with Hope dressing up for gymnastics class on Tuesday (she wore a Barbie dress up outfit, since it was like a leotard and would allow her to still do the gymnastics).  Then on Wednesday they had a Halloween party at the after care program, and she decided to wear a witch costume we had around the house.

Friday afternoon was the Fall party at her school.  I went to help and take pictures.  The kids played a game to see who could make the best mummy with toilet paper.  They had a lot of fun with this game.  :)  Here is one of the mummies.

They also got to do a craft.  They made a spider from a sucker.

This is the scarecrow they made earlier in the day.  This is Hope's hanging up in the window of her classroom.

Then on Friday night, we had the all school Monster Mash party.  It was a lot of fun, but I was tired by the time we got home!  :)

Hope was Smurfette!  We started putting blue make-up on her face for the party and then I noticed that it wasn't washing off my finger.  It was still VERY blue.  Then she had a tiny sore on her chin and it was burning, so she freaked out and wanted it all washed off.  You could still see the blue tint on her face until today.

At the Monster Mash they had all kinds of crafts, pumpkin decorating, etc.

We ate pizza and bought a few treats at the bakesale.

Then it was off to DANCE!  Her face looks funny in this picture, but it looks like she is striking an Elvis dance move.  She was definitely gettin her groove on to the music!  We saw lots of her little friends and they all danced and chatted together.  So fun!

Tonight we have trick-or-treat night (we do it one night early), so I think we are heading out with some of the girls from the neighborhood.

Amongst all of that, there hasn't been much time for crafting, but did you see this...

Check out page 36 and you might find this...

The distressed look was a total accident only because I embossed on paper with a white core.  I didn't sand it or anything.  Funny how those things happen.

Anyway, that is it for today!  Have a great one!


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Elizabeth said...

Cute photos! I had to smile at the scare-a-crow that your DD colored! It's almost the same one that I used when I taught back in the day!!! It made me smile!
Happy Monday!

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