Saturday, July 16, 2011

Happy Holidays!

I am going to share a few more Christmas/Holiday cards with you today.

Hope and I are having a very lazy day and have a baby shower to attend later today.  Today is our suburb festival, so we might head over to the pool later on and come back for the fireworks.

Otherwise, she is enjoying her new craft area (without the furniture).  She is so excited and I think she is going to be creating a LOT of art in the near future.

Now, on to the cards...

The first card I cut into the shape of a tree.  Hope had a few rings from the dollar bin at Target, so I cut the heart tops off and added them to the tree like they were ornaments.  It is hard to tell here, but they were princess jewelry.  This was a reject from a magazine call for shaped cards.  :)

The next card was extremely simple.  I just let the paper do most of the work.  

I tied a ribbon in a bow, added a stick pin and stamped the sentiment.  Done.

That is it for today.  Have a good one!


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