Friday, July 29, 2011

Christmas in July...Finale

Ok folks!  This is the last card I have to share for Christmas in July.  This was my favorite card I created.  It was based on a card sketch on Page Maps.  As soon as I saw the sketch I knew exactly what I was going to create.

I loved how the santa looks like he is standing outside and peeking in through the window to see if you are being good or bad.

I actually loved this card so much, that I didn't think I could send it to anyone.  So today, I turned it into a framed decoration.  I am going to enter it into the State Fair along with several other scrapbook projects.  I haven't entered anything the past few years because I forgot to get the tags ordered.  Oh well.  We will see if anything gets a ribbon.  :)

I will try and get a photo of the project to share here.

Well, we are off to Adventureland tomorrow.  Should be a fun day!


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